Harusi Bado Tunayo! Tanasha Reveals New Wedding Date – ZUMI

Harusi Bado Tunayo! Tanasha Reveals New Wedding Date

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Image source: Instagram/Diamond Platnumz
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Harusi inakam bado!

After the February date was called off, we all thought that Tanasha and Diamond weren’t going to get married after all. Apparently, that is far from the case.

The wedding is still on.  The Kenyan beauty spoke to Mpasho, where she revealed the new wedding date. She also explained why it was postponed from February.

The wedding was supposed to be February the 14th but I told diamond that I can’t do it until my mom is here, and she can’t leave work at the moment.

We see! I have a feeling that Diamond had only chosen February 14th as the wedding date in order to revenge at Zari who dumped him on the same day last year.

tanasha diamond

Image source: Millard Ayo

So when will the wedding happen?

We are thinking probably towards the end of september is when we are planning. I am the one who had to cancel it, simply because I canceled because my mother has to be there and my family could n’t be able to come in February.

This past week, Tanasha stayed the entire week in Tanzania. Previously, she only used to go there on weekends. Don’t be surprised if she eventually changes her nationality. Haha..

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