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5 Photos That Prove Susan Kaittany Is Absolute Mummy Goals

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Posh Palace owner Susan Kaittany is definitely a woman after our own heart. She is a mother and a business owner, plus she is definitely very secretive about her life.

Susan is definitely mummy goals because of these very important traits;

1. Susan and her daughter have similar hobbies;

Susan and her daughter Mia share the love of horse riding and on Mia’s birthday, they did a whole photoshoot riding horses.

It is important to discover similar interests with your child as it sets a strong foundation for great self-esteem and confidence that their presence and company is not only appreciated but enjoyed and that they are worthy of other people’s attention, affection, and time.

“Happy birthday to my sweet baby Mia Rose who’s turning 9 today. So proud of the girl that she’s becoming .. a real superstar! Proud mummy”

Source: Instagram

2. Hangs out with her daughter;

This gives a parent time to understand a child’s interests and simply get to know them better as individuals.

“At the Maybelline fit me launch with Mia ? getting our facebeat”

Source: Instagram

3. Created room for her daughter at her place of work;

This is very important as it shows that she values her child so much that she includes her in every aspect of her life even her business.

“Mia, Ivanna and Amela our sweet baby girls aren’t they gorgeous?? At the kiddos area at the [email protected] @poshpalacekenya

Source: Instagram

4. Teaches her daughter responsibility

Believe it or not, the presence of a pet in the home has a positive impact on their child’s development, making them more responsible and it actually helps in improving their behaviour.

“A girl and her dog ????”

Source: Instagram

5. Ensures her daughter is properly groomed

There’s nothing as good as having kids who are very presentable, they speak volumes in terms of who you are as a parent.

“Mia rocking her fro in a Mohawk. Too adorable ??#mummydaughtertime

Source: Instagram

Susan is definitely doing it right!

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