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Selina Actor Kone Nouhoum Is Fighting For His Life, Here’s How You Can Help

Kone Nouhoum
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Life is very fragile, in a split second, anything can happen to change the course.

Such is the case for Selina actor Reagan aka Kone Nouhoum. On Saturday the 29th of September 2018, Kone suffered a catastrophic spinal injury which left him with multiple fractures and in critical condition.

Kone Nouhoum

Source: Instagram
After having a life saving major surgery on his spine he returned to the ICU where he continued to have difficulty breathing due to his injury. He then had to have another surgery to assist his breathing and is due to have one more imminently. He is still in ICU in serious condition.

Kone Nouhoum

Source: Instagram

As he fights for his life, his hospital bills continue to explode into the millions of shillings. So far the funds collected amount to less than two hundred thousand Kenya shillings. There’s a concert being organized to raise more funds but in the meantime, friends and family areĀ appealing for your help to get the talented and kind-hearted Kone and his family financially through this tragedy. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Your generosity will be appreciated.

Donate to:
Mpesa Paybill Business Number: 974569
Account Number: Kone Nouhoum

Everyone needs help at some point in their life, it’s Kone’s time now. Let’s all rally for him and pray that he gets better.

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