I Don’t Approach Women, They Approach Me – Sean Andrew – ZUMI

I Don’t Approach Women, They Approach Me – Sean Andrew

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Sawa tu!

Mwai Kibaki’s grandson Sean Andrew is handsome and rich, a combination many men lack. As a result, he never has a shortage of admirers.

Sean has come out to confess that all ladies he has ever been with him, approached him. Apparently, he has never approached a woman himself. Lucky dude!

As the rest of the boy child gets ‘blue ticks’, Sean is the one giving them instead.  Even me I get approached all the time. I am just kidding. Only Rihanna approached me. And I said no.

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A fan asked Sean on Instagram stories, “What’s your view on ladies who take it on them to make the first move on you? Like asking you out or DMing you?” He responded by saying: “Fun fact, everyone I have ever dated approached me first. I never approach myself.” he revealed.

Not so long ago, Akothee’s daughter, Rue Baby also made headlines after publicly confessing she would love a piece of Sean. On the comment sections of his photos, women are usually declaring their affection for him.

Would you go after a man who already has a string of admirers?

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