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Otile Brown Is Getting Heat For This Silly Mistake He Did

Otile Brown
Image source: Instagram/Otile Brown
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Jacob Obunga can’t catch a break.

Veronica’s ex Otile Brown has been called out by a number of netizens for parking his newly acquired Mercedes Benz at a spot reserved for people with disability. Did he not see it ama he assumed?

The superstar posted a picture of himself in one of the parking areas at Two Rivers shopping mall. He was standing next to his new ride but the problem was that he parked in a wrong place.

If you take a look at the photo below, you can see the handicap parking sign clearly visible where he has parked his car.

The worse part is that he was flossing. As expected, Kenyans went in on him. One Pablo Kay said “Boss hiyo parking spot ni ya people with disability, Not Ayoba.”

Baba Juma had the most hilarious comment saying “Why are you parked in a disabled area? Ama ni ile story ya mjulus.” That was really a low blow.

Another person by the username ‘unado_nini’ added to Baba Juma’s comment saying “Handicap slot man?? C”mon bruv, as we celebrate your achievement bro plis beware of the areas. Handicap watu waanze kusema uko handicapped pande nyingine ile shikwesh alidai na Sisi mafans tunaikana on your behalf.”

A guy by the name Olek wrote “just don’t park at a disabled spot again while Gaspin came out harshly with the comment “Oneni huyu..nani amekurusu u*park hapa wewe.”

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