Oh My Ovaries! Ciara Just Shared Pictures Of Her Baby Girl And We Can't Handle he Cuteness - ZUMI

Oh My Ovaries! Ciara Just Shared Pictures Of Her Baby Girl And We Can’t Handle he Cuteness

Lucky in love, life and womb, Ciara is just a sweetheart and she can do no wrong.

After a tumultuous relationship with rapper Future which resulted in her beautiful son Zahir, she managed to find love when she least expected it with Russel Wilson.

The couple is always seen together looking like all the love God intended while inspiring us to not settle for less. Ciara recently gave birth to baby Sienna and we have been waiting with bated breath to see the little girl. Photos of Ciara and her baby girl from a photo shoot have been released and the cuteness overload is real.

Baby Sienna looks like she’s ready to start breakdancing with her mum

Source: Instagram/Yaboia2020

Isn’t she just the spitting image of her dad?

Source: Instagram/Theshaderoom

We knew something was up when she teased us with a photo of the back of little Sienna’s head earlier today saying:

Today is just the beginning, I’m sharing something near and dear to my heart with you…meet my baby girl on my @TraceMe App ❤

We also have to admit that she does look like her brother Zahir a little bit. We are totally in awe of her baby, we can’t wait to see if she’ll be a dancer like her mother. Finding True Love Is Really Simple, According To Ciara, This Is What You Need To Do




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