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Here’s What Nick Mutuma Had To Say About Vera And Otile’s Breakup

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Vera Sidika and Otile Brown have broke up again and this time it was nasty.

The two clashed over money, with each one of them accusing the other of petty stuff. Now several celebrities including Nick Mutuma have weighed in on the matter.

Vera had claimed that Otile asked her for a Kes 500,000 to buy a new Mercedes. Vera felt that Mr.Brown was only milking her for cash so she said a big ‘NO’.

Vera even went to the extent of recording a video, claiming that the Coastal singer is just using her. She even vowed that she will never call the fella again.

Vera Sidika Otile Brown

Otile responded harshly and even called Vera a psycho.  He claimed to have been shocked by the revelations because loaning each other money is something that they do every time. Apparently, he even paid rent for her salon without asking for a refund.

Regarding the matter, one Nick Mutuma said what we have all been thinking. He called out the two ex-lovers for embarrassing each other all because of money. True lovers don’t do that.

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