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Size 8 And DJ Mo Celebrate Five Years Of Marriage With Sweet Messages

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Wow! They’ve been together for a long time.

DJ Mo and Size 8 and Size 8 are celebrating five years of marriage. That’s remarkable in an era where people are divorcing all the time.

They say when a marriage is built on the foundation of God it is strong and will withstand the storm. You can also think of it as a braid. You and your spouse are two strands, and that is stronger than only one strand, but weave in the third strand — God — and you have a braid that is thick and not easily broken.

Size 8 penned the following sweet message to her hubby:

Wow, what can I say to you father Lord but publicly praise you thank you glorify your holy name for such blessings in my life am celebrating 5 years of marriage just because of you. It is not the work of flesh but by your excess love through your son Jesus Christ and your mighty power I’ve such amazing memories. I can testify of such a miracle.

She added:

To you ohh Lord be all the glory. Thank you for blessing me with the best husband heaven can produce for me @djmokenya. May this our marriage be your instrument to encourage others who have lost hope in marriage that you are still able to perform miracles and that they should believe against all that you can rescue their marriages…To you my husband @djmokenya I soooo love you and thank you for loving me back #5thanniversary #themurayas #Godisstillworkingmiracles.

Damn! That’s love right there.

Size 8 also recalled how detractors were against her decision to date DJ Mo but she took her chances and did anyway. Five years later, she says she doesn’t regret a thing.

When I started this marriage journey with my husband, many people told me, ‘How can a star like me, just get married to an ordinary deejay?  Some made jokes that other ladies are getting cars as gifts from their husbands but I got a mixtape. Well, this guy who was called an ordinary deejay is doing exploits now in Christ Jesus. This is to show you God can use anyone and raise anyone just have faith and Trust God. And I know God is not yet finished with him, he is about to do even more through him. To every deejay out here, God is able to do exceedingly abundantly above your imagination. And to everyone else don’t let anybody discourage you.

DJ Mo on his part tried to be a romantic mathematician:

Do you know what you can do with 157,680,000 seconds? That is one term presidency, my last 5 years. 157,680,000 seconds ago, they wrote we were just a flame that will fizzle out (hope the blogs still have content) 157,680,000 seconds, I am still learning that patience is not just waiting but what you do as you wait. 157,680,000 seconds, you have helped me become a better man, father and human being. Thank you for loving me the way you do and for sticking with who I am even when what I am isn’t as appealing. For making me feel, look and live like a King in the last 157,680,000 seconds. ASANTE!! That’s all I can say!

Felicitations Size 8 and Dj Mo. May you live happily ever after.

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