Dj Mo And Size 8 Recall The Times Their Marriage Almost Ended – ZUMI

Dj Mo And Size 8 Recall The Times Their Marriage Almost Ended

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Dj Mo and Size 8’s marriage is admired by many.

However, that doesn’t mean it’s perfect. Just like any other marriage, there are those moments when the couple almost calls it quits.

During an interview with Dr. Kingori on NTV’s Wicked Edition, the two recalled separate incidents when they almost left each other. Things had gotten so bad that they decided kama mbaya mbaya. 

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Size 8 narrated how she once packed her belongings and left her matrimonial home after clashing heavily with Mo

There is this day I packed my bags and left my matrimonial home. I was angry and went on to make an emotional decision, which I later realised was wrong. I thought about it and decided to come back, even though there was embarrassment written all over my face at the time.

DJ Mo also admitted that there was one time he decided to flee and never come back to his matrimonial home. He said;

There is this time we argued and I just left the house and started driving, before turning back at Limuru. Looking back I had thought of driving to America through Uganda.

We’re glad they sorted things out.

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