Meet Willy Paul’s Gorgeous Baby Mama (Video) – ZUMI

Meet Willy Paul’s Gorgeous Baby Mama (Video)

Featured image via Instagram/Willy Paul
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Mama Watoto ndio huyo!

Willy Paul has finally introduced the mother of his child to his fans. This comes just a few weeks after he admitted that he indeed has a child,

A while back, he was interviewed by Pulse Live and he said “Niko na mtoi. I have a son,” When asked whether he was married, he said “Wee jua I have a son and I am happy. Watoto ni blessing .Wewe jua niko na mtoto mahali.”

Finally, here is the mother of his son.

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There she goes!! The mother of my son!!

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There is a possibility that Willy might have other children as well.  Three years ago, a 23-year-old woman from Mathare revealed she had a 5-year-old child with the controversial singer.

The woman by the name Flo Waithera had told Nairobi News, “He at first denied the pregnancy and later when I showed him the pregnancy test results he urged me to abort and I refused. When I went back home, I told my mother and she said I should not abort and promised to help me raise the baby,”.

Willy Paul then responded by saying “You know there are a lot of women who claim to (have) my children but the truth is that I have no son or daughter.”

Ya Pozee ni mengi!

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