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Maureen Waititu & Frankie Finally Reveal Their Baby! (Photos)

Maureen waititu
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After their pregnancy shoot took the internet by storm, vloggers Maureen Waititu and Frankie released a video that revealed what the sex of their baby was.

They planned the gender reveal during their first ever meet and greet.

Maureen Waititu

Source: Instagram

They brought their fans, friends and family to the RFUEA Grounds where they tied two balloons on a dumbbell. After Frankie burst the balloons, a blue powder was emitted revealing that they had a baby boy.

Maureen Waititu

Source: Instagram

Maureen Waititu and Frankie posted photos of their baby boy on their Instagram and we have to say, he really resembles his dad.

Frankie captioned the photo;

“Look at what we’ve made ?! Kai, my other #MCM

Maureen Waititu

Source: Instagram

Maureen captioned hers on her page;

“Today I wake up yet again counting all my blessings.
I can’t take for granted the fact that God in all His generosity chose to give me the biggest of them all yet, and that is waking up to my three boys?‍?‍?‍????? Swipe ⬅️ to meet our little and chubby ?Kai Kiarie???”

What do you think? Who does the baby resemble most?

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