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Keeping Fit! Jacque Maribe All Smiles As She Hits The Gym (Photo)

Jacque Maribe
Image source: The Star
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She looks great.

Citizen TV’s Jacque Maribe must be glad that she is no longer in the news every week. A few weeks ago, she was making headlines almost every day due to the Monica Irungu murder case.

After being freed on bail late last year, she returned to work and now she has moved on with her life too. She is now hitting the gym and keeping fit.

Popular Citizen TV reporter Hassan Mugambi shared a photo of himself in the gym together with Kadzoh and Jacque. In the pic, Jacque is all smiles with no worry at all in her life.

maribe gym

Source: Pulse Live

I like how Royal Media Services (RMS) journalists are really incorporating the gym into their lifestyles. Ama ni company culture? A number of them have been seen working out including Victoria Rubadiri, Rashid Abdallah, Yvonne Okwara, Trevor Ombija, Jamila Mohamed, Willys Raburu and Lilian Muli.

Do you work out? There are many benefits of working out. As we do exercises, our lungs are getting stronger. When you do cardio, your brain sends signals to them to help you breathe faster and deeper, delivering extra oxygen to your muscles.

Your motivation is also at its peak. Thanks to a flood of endorphins, which trigger the classic runner’s high, you feel psyched and energized. You’re also fighting flab. During typical cardio exercise, your body taps mainly fat for fuel.  The more intensely you do aerobic activity and the longer you do it, the more efficiently your body uses oxygen, and this boosts its fat-blasting power throughout your workout.

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