Kylie Jenner Just Did Something To Her Face That Will Make Her Daughter Proud – ZUMI

Kylie Jenner Just Did Something To Her Face That Will Make Her Daughter Proud

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They say once you become a mother, your whole life changes.

Kylie Jenner has always been clear that she wants to be a mother and although fans were surprised that she got pregnant at the tender age of 20, she was just accomplishing a goal that she had set for a long time.

In a recent Q&A that she did with her BFF on her YouTube channel, Kylie revealed a few things that she loves about her daughter saying:

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Source: AOL

One thing, and it’s my biggest insecurity, is that she has the most perfect lips, she probably didn’t get that from me, she got them from her dad and that’s amazing.

Well, it seems like she finally discovered that what she does or the choices she makes will inherently impact her daughter’s character.

This morning fans noticed something different with Kylie’s face and here’s how it went down:

Source: Instagram/Theshaderoom

Well, congratulations to her on being the poster girl for moms out there. She removed all the filler that made her lips plump! The minute she realized that being her true authentic self is the way to go is one of the many ways she shows her love for her daughter. We are proud of her for doing this.

However, we are still wondering if she’ll get rid of the other modifications she did to her body i.e breasts, butt etc, we’ll just have to wait and see.


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