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Kambua’s Husband Had A Short, Sweet Message For Her On Her Birthday

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She has turned a year older.

We never hear Kambua songs often nowadays but she is still as relevant as ever as a TV presenter. The ever pretty and saved lady was glad to turn a year older this past weekend. She wrote:

Who’s birthday is it?? Mine mine mine! I have to say, this year hit me with so many unexpected challenges- I honestly didn’t think I would be strong enough to endure it, but I did! Praise god. I am so grateful to everyone who held me up this year. Everyone who prayed for me, sent me a word of encouragement, boldly stood by and for me, thank you. Thank you for speaking victory into my life. 2018 has been one of the hardest adult years of my life, but I am thankful for grace. I’m now walking into a new year boldly, unafraid, older, stronger, fly-er, thirty-favored, and just madly in love with Jesus my rock. Happy birthday to me! 

She then added;

I would like to say thank you from the bottom of my heart. My day turned out so different than what I’d anticipated. I have eaten cake, received more flowers than the vases I own, gifts that have warmed my heart, messages that have left me in , texts and calls that made me laugh (non singing friends who belted out a tune for me lol), I have received hugs, prayers, just thank you from the deepest part of my heart. I’m so blessed to see a new year and I’m exhaling as I enter into this new season. I love you all so much. I probably don’t say it often enough. Thank you for doing this journey called life with me. Ok, thanks for listening to my ted tal. And Jesus- thank you. Thank you .

She really had a lot to say.

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Are you ever too old to celebrate a birthday? As children we count down to them and as adults we often let them slide, but it turns out the kids are on the money: embracing your special day is good for your mood, relationships and memory.

According to research, everything from the cake to the cards has the potential to increase your wellbeing, spark more joy and romance, and even give your grey matter a boost.

Birthday celebrations are a ritual worth keeping, enjoying all the traditional elements of a birthday can really enhance your happiness.

Kambua’s husband, Pastor Jackson Mathu normally writes novels for her on her birthdays but this time he decided to just keep it short. Maybe he was tired, or maybe he was just too busy.

Maybe he has just discovered that when it comes to these things, a brief message is more appropriate. He simply wrote “Queen”

Here is what he posted:

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