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Kabi Wa Jesus Opens Up About His Fears On Becoming A Father

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Source: Instagram/KabiWaJesus
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There’s no denying that Kabi and his wife Milly are fast becoming social media’s favourite couple.

Recently, they broke the news that they’re expecting their first baby and their fans poured in their congratulatory messages.

As Milly nears her due date, Kabi took time out to relay his fears on becoming a new dad saying:

Every morning I wake up look at you, touch your belly as I whisper a prayer am moved by the fact that somehow, through the works of God you are growing a human inside of you – a baby who has hands and feet and their own fingerprints already! They have hair on their head and taste buds and eyelashes! Manze – and still manage to get through each and every day as though it’s no big deal, as though this is just another thing to take in your stride. I am in awe of you and how you just keep on grinning about the future.


I just wanted to let you know that you appreciate during this time I pray for you in the remaining period that the Grace will be sufficient.

Sometimes I get scared, like will I be a good dad? Am I helping you enough with the feeding or even just emotionally? Will I provide the help needed when the baby comes?


I look at you and I know our babies future is secure because no matter what happens, this baby will be half of you. They will be everything that you are right now and more.
You are the best my Queen


Kabi is literally the best husband any woman could ask for, Milly is blessed to have him.

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