A Buibui-Clad Huddah Goes To The CBD To Track Fake Cosmetics (Photos) – ZUMI

A Buibui-Clad Huddah Goes To The CBD To Track Fake Cosmetics (Photos)

Vaseline Nivea
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Give it up for Agent Huddah!

She must be watching a lot of movies. Anyway, it paid off. Huddah Monroe recently decided to step into the CBD wearing a buibui to track down businesses selling fake versions of her beauty products.

The enterprising socialite has been operating her cosmetics line Huddah Cosmetics for several years now and the business has been quite profitable. However, there are those who are gaining unfairly by making fake versions of her products.

Via an Instagram post, she shared how she walked around town without anyone noticing.

The true definition of move in silence. It’s incredible how I did so much work yesterday, visited all my businesses in town.. Walked up and down from river road to luthuli avenue , & I know who is selling fake Huddah products and I’m coming for you all. I also went to eat at the places I used to go wayyyy back & left without anyone noticing me.

Wow! She should now take over Jicho Pevu since Moha is busy with politics.

Agent Huddah…straight from the CIA.
Huddah Monroe

Source: Instagram/Huddah

Ready to burst some bootleggers.
Huddah Monroe

Source: Instagram/Huddah

That was quite something!

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Featured image via Nairobi Wire