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Harmonize Slays With Pink Suit At Coke Studio And Other Moments We Totally Loved

Image source: Coke Studio Africa
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Episode 4 was badass.

In case you’ve just come back from a long stay with the monks in Tibet, I’m glad to inform you that Coke Studio Africa 2019 is underway and it’s proving to be better than everything we’ve seen before. Episode 4 aired this past Sunday on Citizen TV and we saw some amazing moments.  Here’s what stole the show.

Harmonize’s fashion sense

Harmonize and Diamond have always proven to be the best dressers at Wasafi.  In the latest episode, Konde boy rocked a pink suit as he performed his own version of ‘Mummy Yo’ by Uganda’s Sheebah. Not many people can rock a pink suit without a shirt and look good. Harmonize just happens to be one of the few. Sheebah was totally impressed by his stage presence and fashion sense that she couldn’t stop smiling. And it looks like Harmonize is becoming allergic to shirts like Flavor.


Ethic teaming up with Mr. Eazi.

We were shown how the studio sessions between the popular Kenyan group and the Nigerian superstar went down. Though I must say, Ethic walikua wameparara kiasi. The best moment was when Eazi and Ethic performed a mashup of Lamba Lolo and Keys To The City. That was totally a moment worth rewinding. And Mr. Eazi even managed to sing in Sheng, albeit briefly.  Eazi, later on, endorsed Ethic, saying they’ll definitely go far.


Sheebah performing ‘Atarudi’ by Harmonize.

Sheebah put her own Luganda spin on the popular hit by Harmonize. The fact that we couldn’t understand her didn’t take away from her performance. If you weren’t looking at the TV, you would have thought it’s Mariah Carey singing. I kid you not. Okay, maybe I have exaggerated that part a bit. But you get it.


Moment of inspiration.

At some point, Harmonize and Sheebah who were the main acts of the night went on to talk to some dancers and give them some motivation. Harmonize revealed that he used to sleep in the same single house room with his mothers and sisters before he made it. Now he is sleeping in million dollar mansions. Sheebah also revealed that she was a struggling dancer before she had her major breakout as a singe. Personally, I was so motivated that I even wanted to pick up a microphone and start singing.


Source: Nairobi News


Harmonize, Sheebah and Gospel on the Beatz working on a new song called ‘Follow Me’

At first, I thought that Nigerian producer Gospel On De Beatz only does Gospel. Turns out he does secular and he is one of the best at it. He teamed up with Harmonize and SHeebah to create an amazing track called ‘Follow Me’.  We later saw an amazing performance of the track and I couldn’t help but wonder why these people were killing it too much. It was too good. I am gonna cry. My goodness!

Make sure you catch Coke Studio again next Sunday at 8 pm on Citizen TV.

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