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Hamisa Mobetto’s Daughter’s Birthday Party Was The Cutest Event (Photos)

Before Hamisa carried and birthed Diamond’s spawn, she was already a mom to Miss Fantasy.

Fantasy is Hamisa and CEO of Tanzania’s E Fm’s Dj Majey. This past weekend, the little girl had her 3rd birthday party organized by her mother and it was the most lit kiddy birthday ever. Hamisa went all out to celebrate the day together with family and friends. It’s clear from the photos that she did not spare any expense when it came to her firstborn’s party.

The event had a neon pink and gold ballerina theme and it was beautifully put together by Bloom Evenfully. Check out the photos from the party below:

Fantasy looked marvellous in her tutu posing for her official birthday photo

Source: Instagram/ Baby Fansy

Matchy-matchy with her mum but where’s the smile little lady?

Source: Instagram/Baby Fansy

The guests were camera ready but looks like birthday girl was eyeing that cake

Source: Instagram/Baby Fansy

Here’s how the event decor looked like (video)

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Looks like Hamisa has expensive taste, this party was definitely top notch. We can’t wait to see what she comes up with when her son Dyllan turns one.

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