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“I Attempted Suicide Twice”, Crossover 101’s Grace Ekirapa Narrates Her Depression Struggles

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Depression is real.

Crossover 101 host Grace Ekirapa has revealed that she attempted suicide twice while she was still a teenager. Luckily, she survived and turned out to be a great woman-of-God.

In a series of videos that she posted on her Instagram account, Ekirapa revealed that depression pushed her to attempt suicide. Apparently, she was surrounded by negativity in her teenage life and as a result, she tried ending her own life in order to evade the misery.

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Don’t be afraid of failing instead, just try. It’s not always that you do something for the first time and it works. Most of the time you will hit a rock here, get into a ditch somewhere else but don’t worry because the next time you are on that road, you will know what to do, where to pass through, what to say and how to handle. It’s okay to try and fail but it’s more important to wake up and dust yourself then lift your head and walk with confidence as if nothing happened but in your mind you know the lessons you have gotten. Your testimony comes from the failures that didn’t put you down but instead made you stronger and better. Don’t be afraid to fail #dontjustsittry #onefailwuntkill #greaterisinme

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Grace first tried taking her own life when she was a 14-year-old class eight pupil. She ingested 18 antibiotic pills hoping to die but she survived anyway.

She tried it again when she was a17-years-old form 3 pupil. She swallowed 35 pills but she remained alive.

A lot of people don’t know this, but when I was in class eight, I attempted suicide. I took 18 pills, I was on some antibiotics, I was unwell and at one time I got to a point and said you know what I’m going to take them all the medicine that I had. 18 pills. Form three again I decided I’m going to do the same and I took 35 pills this time, because 18 didn’t kill me so 35 will, and you know what people did not understand why a 17 year-old would be committing suicide, a 14 year-old would commit suicide.

Depression is real. Always make sure the people around you are okay. If you have a child or sibling, always engage them and make them open up. Many people suffer in silence.

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