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Dr. Ofweneke Only Wants Short-Haired Women But His Reason Is Meh

dr. ofweneke type
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Everyone has a type but sadly, not everyone has a valid reason for liking what they like.

Admit it: you have a type when it comes to defining your “perfect match.” “Types” are assorted combinations of physical and personality traits that, whether consciously or not, tend to dictate with whom we end up pursuing relationships.

Knowing the inherent qualities you want in a partner is one thing, but knowing your type can sometimes be debilitating and ultimately hurt your chances to find love.

dr ofweneke type

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Dr. Ofweneke whose real name is Sande Bush (wait….did you think he was Nigerian?) has been single ever since his marriage fell apart in March 2017. As expected, he’s now searching but is he searching correctly?

Ofweneke’s ex-wife Veronica Wanja aka Nicah The Queen accused the comedian of physical abuse (even more reasons for us to hate him) whereas Ofweneke claimed she cheated on him. It was a case of accusations and counter-accusations.

During an interview with DNG on 1 FM. Ofweneke stated that he only does women with short hair because it’s economical. In short, he doesn’t have to give pesa ya salon., 

I want a woman with short hair because that is an economical marriage. there will be no lies on the cost of weaving ooh 3000. No we go together.

Come on! If he wasn’t joking, then this isn’t even having a type. This is just stinginess.

Dr Ofweneke’s Baby Momma, Nicah just came to his rescue