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Awww! Dj Creme’s Birthday Message To His Wife Is Too Sweet

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Such an adorable couple

DJ Creme De La Creme is not only one of the best deejays in the country, he’s also an exemplary family man. The spinmaser has never shied away from showing love to his wife and family.

Late last year, he was unfortunately hit with bad news after his wife lost their baby in the second trimester. Miscarriages are never a good thing and even Size 8 experienced one recently.

dj creme family


In a touching message, DJ Creme De La Creme narrated how he was out of the country when his wife Denise developed pregnancy complications. She went to the hospital only to be told that their unborn child was no more.

Now that the unfortunate incident is behind them, Creme took time to appreciate his wife on her birthday. Denise turned a year older and Creme was very real with her, even calling her the most annoying person. Haha.

Happy Birthday to my Best Friend, Sometimes the Most Annoying Person  My Wife & the mother of my Kids. We Love You ..Forever and A Day. & Through The Joy, Pain & The Hustle… My Heart Belongs to You  Happy Birthday Baby Love


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