Disney Star Learns Mzansi Dance Moves Thanks To Lasizwe  – ZUMI

Disney Star Learns Mzansi Dance Moves Thanks To Lasizwe 

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Social media could not get enough of Lasizwe Dambuza last week at the YouTube Black FanFest in Atlanta. 

Mzansi Dance Moves 

The YouTube sensation put Mzansi dance moves at the forefront of the event aimed at amplifying black creators. A viral video shared on social media shows Lasizwe teaching Skai Jackson the Labantwana Ama Uber moves, currently topping SA’s music charts. The 17-year-old Skai Jackson is best known for her role in the Disney Channel show Jessie, and is also a major YouTube star in her own right with over 1 million subscribers. 

YouTube Black FanFest 

Lasizwe and blogger Mihlali Ndamase flew to Atlanta last week for the annual YouTube Black FanFest. We were so excited to see them engaging even with the likes of Jackie Aina. The corporate initiative takes the platforms biggest stars from all over the world and celebrates their achievements. 

Lasizwe’s Achievements 

Born in 1998, the YouTube sensation rose to stardom as a South African television personality, social media personality, radio host, comedian, actor and YouTuber. His YouTube channel has more than 100,000 YouTube subscribers and more than 12.5 million views. Lasizwe, who comes from Soweto, was ranked the 7th most influential young South African at the 2018 Avance Media Awards.