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Diamond Platnumz & Hamisa: The Fans Are Weighing In With So Much Truth!

Disappointed, disgusted and heartbroken.

These are some of the sentiments we are getting from fans. A good number also don’t care, they are just here for the music but most of the fans are echoing our sentiments. That what Diamond and Hamisa did last night was totally uncalled for, that we don’t need to see this display of oversharing and intimacy between 2 people, that Zari indeed made the right choice.

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Ever since he posted those raunchy videos, fans have been coming at them from all angles. Diamond has deleted all of them but that’s not going to stop us from commenting on old photos.

Facebook did not spare them

On Instagram, things were quite the same

Diamond Hamisa

Source: Instagram

Source: Instagram

After all is said and done, this does not look good on Diamond. With his career spanning continents, his reputation is at risk of going downhill. For young men who look up to him, it’s sad that he would disregard that he is somewhat of a role model to an extent of acting erratically on social media.

As for Hamisa, we are all wondering what kind of woman she’ll raise her daughter to be because the mess she has put herself in. Just Wow!

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