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She’s Here! Singer Avril Welcomes Her First Baby Girl

avril pregnant gives birth baby girl j blessing
Tis’ the season to be jolly for all Avril fans as she has finally given birth to her first born baby!

News of Avril’s pregnancy has been part of the grapevine for quite a while now. And true to the adage; where there’s smoke there is fire;

Avril finally shared her biggest secret with her fan base by posting a silhouette photo of her huge baby bump.
avril pregnanat gives birth baby girl j blessing

Source: @theavieway

Now, The Star reports that the singer and Itel brand ambassador gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. Avril delivered her bundle of joy on Sunday at a hospital yet to be identified.

However, the source revealed that  the beautiful Avril delivered through cesarean section and welcomed a healthy bouncing baby girl.
avril pregnant gives birth baby girl j blessing

Source: @theavieway

Avril has been very dodgy when questioned about her pregnancy. Other than the pictures she shared herself, her  new journey into motherhood has been carefully tucked away from the media. She wasn’t very pleased when J Blessing was identified as the father of the baby and J promised to sue anyone who identified him as the baby daddy.


Now finally, Avril has explained why she kept her pregnancy a secret, the singer revealed that  she wanted to go through this life changing experience on her own terms without being scrutinised online.

She wrote,

“It was going to be in my time, my terms never anyone else…”

Avril is yet to introduced her baby daddy, but like we said; where there is smoke there is fire and we’re watching this space. Just like Nick Mutuma and Bridget Shighadi, Avril and her bae might just go public about their relationship after settling in with their first born baby.


Motherhood is beautiful and we are super excited about Avril’s new journey. We can’t wait to finally meet Avril’s mini version of her and we bet she’s just us beautiful as her mother. Congratulations to the newest celebrity mum!

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