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This Is One Thing That Beyonce Does To Remain Low Key About Her Personal Life

We all know Queen Bey knows how to keep everything about her life under wraps. The question has always been, how does she do it so swiftly?

Beyonce always sneaks up on us with a life-changing album and pregnancies leaving us to collect our entire existence from the floors. She has mastered the art of outwitting the internet and general public with such precision that we wish she would teach us her ways. Is that so much to ask? Oh well, we are sure she’d just be like:


However, we stumbled across a piece of information that explains one way she does it. According to Ed Sheeran, the queen is always changing her email addresses everytime she communicates.

After collaborating with Queen Bey on “Perfect Duet,” Ed Sheeran revealed that it’s not easy to reach the LEMONADE superstar.

“I have an email address that I email [to get in touch with Beyoncé] that actually changes every week,” he told “Entertainment Tonight.” “She’s very good at [hiding]. It’s kind of what I aspire to be.”


Sheeran went on to say that the song has been in the works since May. After she delivered her twins Rumi and Sir, the duo got back in the fold to complete the track in September. “I’ve been holding onto it since then,” he said.

Our question is, she probably communicates with soo many other people, how does she remember all these passwords?


Nope, we don’t know either.

In the meantime, we wonder what email address she uses for bank transactions because Beyonce Tops Forbes Highest-Paid Women In Music List With Kshs. 10.5 Billion In 2017