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Betty Kyallo Explains Why Motherhood Is The Best Thing Ever

betty kyallo daughter
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We agree with her.

Betty Kyallo is not only enjoying being single but she is also enjoying being a mother. The father of her child Dennis Okari is said to have had a secret traditional ceremony last weekend, meaning he has cpmpletely moved on.

The news anchor and investigative journalist held a secret traditional wedding in ukambani with his new anonymos bae. He really loves Kambas this Okari.

But Betty told The Star that she is no rush to settle down.

I have met amazing people, but I want to package myself as a businesswoman, a mum and a potential partner in life. So that when I decide to get married again or start dating somebody, I’m bringing something to the table. I have met quite a number of amazing people out there, but nachukua vitu pole pole. I take every day at a time, there’s no hurry. Niko tu sawa. Very single.

Betty also recently addressed the issue of motherhood on her social media. She hasn’t had an easy time co-parenting with Okari.

betty kyallo daughter

Source: The Star

A few months ago, Dennis lamented how he was not happy with the way his daughter, Ivanna, was being paraded online by Betty. But she simply brushed him off. Hmmm…..

Aside from the little issues, Betty is enjoying every moment of being Mama Ivanna. She said:

it’s been amazing and I take everything with grace. Being a mother is amazing, and I would wish it to any woman to be one. At times, kids are stubborn, but they do a lot of therapy for us. When I go home to my daughter Ivanna, I feel great.

Amazing! Do you enjoy being a mother as well? What are some of the challenges you face?

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