Bahati’s Two Daughters Hanging Out Together Is So Adorable – ZUMI

Bahati’s Two Daughters Hanging Out Together Is So Adorable

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A great family spends time together.

Bahati has finally let his two daughters Heaven and Mueni hang out together for the first time. Boy, don’t they look together…Or is it, girl, don’t they look good together.

Bahati wrote:

Teach them how to Love One another- Sister Love. GOD IS LOVE! 

So now know that Mueni never got to see Heaven until she turned 6 months. But why? Who was preventing the meeting? Is it Bahati’s baby mama?

We cannot know for sure. In the comments section, fans were quick to applaud Diana for always having a clean heart towards Bahati’s other daughter. That’show family is supposed to be. Or maybe she is the one preventing Heaven from hanging out with Mueni?

Hizi vitu huezi jua!!!

Speculations aside, let’s just appreciate this beautiful family!

1. Such an amazing family.

bahati's daughters


2. Daddy and his girls.

bahati's daughters 1

Bahati is truly a lucky dad!

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