As She Turns 31 Years Old, Anerlisa Has Some Advice We Should All Take This New Year – ZUMI

As She Turns 31 Years Old, Anerlisa Has Some Advice We Should All Take This New Year

Anerlisa Muigai
Image source: Instagram/Anerlisa
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Social media can be a blessing and a curse.

When Anerlisa Muigai joined social media, she did not imagine it would be the rollercoaster ride it has been. Years later, she’s still struggling to be herself in a world full of judgemental, unforgiving keyboard warriors.

Just a few days short of her 31st birthday, she had a few gems to share that rang true and could be applied to our everyday lives as young women living in the social media era.

In an Instagram post she stated:

In exactly 3 days ill be turning 31 years which, to be honest, I have to say is a blessing. I remember when I was a little younger I used to think 31 years was very very old. The only regret I had in my 20s is that I cared a lot about what other people said about me. My advice to young people in their early 20s is to concentrate more on you and what makes you better. Don’t focus a lot on relationships, social media and getting certain things quickly. Focus on your education and the career you want to take after university. I have grown up with so much pressure to be a certain person that people expect and I realised that was only damaging me.


If you focus on you, your goals and dreams will definitely be achieved. Don’t also pay too much attention to people who think they know your life more than you do and want to plan for you your life. People will judge you no matter the age, that is guaranteed to always be there.
Looking forward to turning 31 years. I have become more wiser and my focus right now is my business and make people around me happy and better.


She definitely hit the nail on the head. This is some advice we’ll be taking throughout this year.

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