Alicia Keys Is On Vacation With Her Hubby & His Ex Wife & People Cannot Handle It – ZUMI

Alicia Keys Is On Vacation With Her Hubby & His Ex Wife & People Cannot Handle It

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Welcome to modern day divorce.

It doesn’t necessarily end with signing divorce papers, nowadays, most divorced couples with kids have learned to be civil enough to co-parent their kids. Alicia Keys and Swizz have been married for years, but she is also a stepmother to her husband’s kids from a previous marriage and one other baby mama.

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Their love story has always been controversial because it is alleged that Alicia keys stole Swizz from his wife Mashonda back in the day. Years later, whatever the real story is, seems like it has taken a backseat as Swizz, his wife and ex-wife have established a cordial relationship and are even going on vacation together.

Swizz beats confirmed the rumours and although they have not been photographed together while in Egypt on a family trip, both their social media accounts chronicle their adventures in the land of pharaohs.

Alicia Keys husband

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Well, this is a very interesting family dynamic. Of course, people had to give their opinions on the issue:

monique888Call me petty but I ’m not going on any trips with the woman who played a part in ruining my relationship??‍♀️

popme2stopmeso now its an open marriage with the original bride. Got it?

simpleeshameseThat’s because Mashonda a damn fool

della_shadusaIts cheaper to keep her.

real_exoticaI don’t know how Mashonda does it, hopefully, she finds someone too.


Their trip was clearly awesome! From Left-right, Swizz and his mum, his kids and him with Alicia Keys

Alicia Keys Husband

If you’re wondering how Alicia Keys and her husband’s ex-wife balance it all:

Alicia Keys husband

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Do you think you can hang out with your husband’s ex-wife?

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