“Niwacheni Priss!”, Akothee Lashes Out Haters Calling Her Ratchet – ZUMI

“Niwacheni Priss!”, Akothee Lashes Out Haters Calling Her Ratchet

Image source: Instagram/Akothee
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Madam Boss yawa!

Akothee has been trending over the past few days. This is after photos of her ratchet performance appeared online.  Many felt she was going overboard.

Well, If you are one of the people who were really pissed, I guess you won’t be surprised to find out that she doesn’t care. Did we really expect her to apologize?

In an interview with Kiss 100, she said;

Legs are there to be opened and i opened them on stage where is the problem? I get paid for that. I am actually banking the money i made over the weekend. Kenya has got talent. Past that is noise. The government should nature talent and promote artistes. I am not a role model for anyone. Is government paying me to be a role model? No. My mother is a role model and she is not opening her legs on stage she was a teacher and I am not.. 

She also said that anyone with a problem with can call the police on her. Also, if the governent want s her to be a roleodel, they should pay her for it.

If the government wants me to be a role model let them pay me. I built this brand for myself and that’s how I get to pay my children’s bills. Anyone who feels I am a disgrace should call police to arrest me. Where is dirty in that music. That was not for them, i was paid to do that and in euros. Anyone who feels offended should sermon me in court. I’ve made money and now my parents are here on holiday. I am not responsible for anyone’s child. They follow me at their own risk. I am not going to stop opening my legs anytime soon as long as it is paying my bills

What do you think?

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