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5 Times Tanasha & Diamond Gave Us Beyonce & Jay Z Vibes (Photos)

Tanasha and Diamond
Via: Instagram/TanashaDonna
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All hail the new IT couple in town.

Ever since Tanasha and Diamond made their union public we have totally forgotten that he used to date other women before her.

Now, social media is awash with their stories and they have become a staple with every feed refresh. However, we cannot ignore the fact that they look awesome together, their looks are always coordinated and their swag can be smelled from far away.

It’s also safe to say that the quality of Diamond’s life has improved ever since he met Tanasha and we cannot wait to see how far they go. That said, here are 5 times they were total goals:

Hii nayo imeweza!

Via: Instagram/Diamond Platnumz

Serving us Bonnie & Clyde vibes

Via: Instagram/TanashaDonna

Ladies and gentlemen a rare picture of Diamond Platnumz in love!

Via: Instagram/TanashaDonna

Always colour coordinating these two, awww!

Via: Instagram/TanshaDonna

This gives a hint on what to expect for their wedding

Via: Instagram/Tanasha Donna

If you don’t think they’re the African Jay Z and Beyonce then you need to look harder. They know exactly what their fans need and they’re giving it to them.

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