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5 Things Diamond Has Done To Prove Tanasha Is The One

Diamond Tanasha
Image source: Instagram/Mama Dangote
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They say mapenzi kikohozi.

Ever since Diamond met Tanasha he has not managed to remain calm. The PDA that he does within Tanasha is unlike any that he’s done in previous relationships. In fact, we never saw him together with Hamisa aside from the infamous hotel room recording.

With Tanasha, he has gone all out and this had us thinking, “is she really the one?”

From the look of things, he has already let the world know that he’s ready to settle down. Here are a few things that he’s done that have made us think that he found the one.

1. He became her salonist

You may not be aware but this is the highest level of intimacy there is.

2. He set a wedding date already

Although he has postponed the wedding for reasons best known to him, it is a well-known fact that he has never proposed to any of his exes before.


3. Family Intro

Diamond Tanasha

Source: Instagram/MamaDangote

We all know that the last person Diamond dated that was cool with his family was Zari. Hamisa did not enjoy that privilege at all and in fact, it was always a source of drama for her. Recently Diamond introduced Tanasha to his family and it seems like it went really well.

4. He can’t eat or breathe…

Without her! She is always catching a flight to Tanzania every weekend to spend time with Diamond.


5.He is ready to abandon his homeland

Diamond made it clear that since the Tanzanian government has an issue with his music, he would be willing to cross the border because Kenya is already his home courtesy of miss Tanasha.


We can’t wait to see where this love story is headed.

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