Would You Buy? Bridget Achieng Launches Skin Lightening Products

Would You Buy? Bridget Achieng Launches New Skin Lightening Products

Bridget Achieng- Zumi
Are you ‘Team Say No To Bleaching’ or ‘Team Do What You Want?”

Socialite and Casper The Friendly Ghost’s sister Bridget Achieng has launched a new bleaching product. The bleaching creme called Magic lotion will help ladies bleach at a budget.  But cheap is always expensive right?

Achieng herself has been open about bleaching. She claims she used Ksh 3 million to bleach her skin. Vera Sidika, on the other hand, used Ksh 50 Million but we think they both meant Ksh 50,000.

A couple of African countries have been banning bleaching. In 2015, the Ivory Coast became the first African nation to ban skin-lightening creams, with Ghana following suit in 2017. Just recently, Rwanda just became the latest country to take aggressive action against the widespread practice of skin bleaching, now enforcing a ban on products that contain ingredients intended to lighten the skin—most commonly, hydroquinone.

Here’s how Bridget used to look like before the bleaching.

Bridget Achieng'- Zumi

Source: The Standard

Anyway, Bridget promises that her magic creme will work in a quick 30 days. She urged women to bleach because men appreciate lighter women more. That’s not true. I actually like dark-skinned women.

In a past interview on Ebru Tv, Bridget confessed that she decided to lighten her skin so that she can truly feel beautiful.

From when I was a kid I never felt beautiful because African parents never tell you that you are beautiful. I never felt loved as a kid, I will be honest. So I thought if I do it I would feel beautiful…I don’t regret anything and the attention it comes with it keeps me going.

She added:

I would advise any girl (to bleach). Men will tell you to stay like that then the next day you see them in a restaurant with a light skinned girl.

Shindwe! Riswaa!!

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