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Betty Kyallo’s Snap Back At Instagram Perv Is So Gratifying

betty kyallo snaps back at Instagram perv
Trolls and perverts are an unavoidable fact of life for  popular Instagram users but Zumi has the utmost respect for those stars who don’t hesitate to clap right back.

Betty Kyallo is one of those people. She is arguably the friendliest celebrity on Instagram, always chatting up her fans on live stream and on the comments.

Last night however, she was in for a rude shock while she was talking about her new salon Flair by Betty on her Instagram live stream.

Betty was busy talking to her viewers when out of the blues, a guy by the name @Sukhdeep wrote,

“Show me your boobs.”


This did not sit well with Betty, she immediately shot back saying,

“I will not show you my boobs! That is very wrong! Get out of my page, Sukhdeep1257. As you can see the weirdos have now checked in. Why? Why would I show you boobs? I am not…anyway whatever, it’s fine”

We get it, Betty is a beautiful babe and no one can blame you for having such luscious thoughts towards her. However, go about it like a gentleman; slide into her DM and tell her about it instead of being so darn tasteless. She did good to talk back to the perv.

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