Here Is Betty Kyallo's Response To People Pressuring Her To Get Married

Here Is Betty Kyallo’s Response To People Pressuring Her To Get Married

Betty Kyallo
Hataki hizo story.

In all African societies, the pressure to get married is always real. “Utaoa lini?” is a common question and Betty Kyalo hears it a lot.

Her ex-husband Dennis Okari has already wedded another woman. This time, he has kept his lover a top secret. Betty, on the other hand, seems to be in no rush.

The 30-year-old news anchor is said to have dated Joho briefly but that relationship ended unceremoniously. Since then, we haven’t heard about any other man that she has dated.

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Her fans are growing impatient and on every post she makes, there are always several comments from people asking her when she will get married.  It’s obvious that she is tired of the pestering.

She recently responded to a fan by asking whether marriage is really the ultimate life goal? Well, Betty, in Africa, it is. But maybe you can help change that perception so that those who don’t want to get married can live in peace.

Here’s the exact post:
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Do you think marriage is necessary?

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