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Are You Ready For The ZUMI +1 Event? This Is What To Expect!

Save the date!

It is about time for ZUMI girls to finally get the ZUMI experience. We are hosting an exclusive invite-only event whereby bloggers, influencers and two very lucky ZUMI girls will have a chance to interact with their favourite social media influencers.

ZUMI girls will be treated to an open bar courtesy of Uva wines is going to quench your queenly thirst with glasses of Portuguese wine.


Source: Uva wines

Those in attendance will get to experience driving the most affordable KWID Renault Car that ensures your safety and that of your loved ones.

The event also includes makeup touchups for those who feel like they need to spruce themselves up, courtesy of Yves Rocher makeup booth.

Those feeling exhausted by the ongoings of the month are going to get free quick massages to loosen up those tight muscles as well as a short guided meditation to clear your aura.

We aim at giving the ZUMI girl a chance to catch up and get to know the women they aspire to be like one day.

Save the date ladies! It is going to be a one of a kind evening!

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