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Akothee Asks For Advice After Narrating Her Sad Experience With Relatives

What advice would you give her?

On her Instagram, Akothee posted before and after pics of her retirement home that took 5 years to build. After taking in her cousin¬†and neighbour’s son who she put in charge of the estate she discovered something very disturbing.


Source: Instagram

Here is the story;

It has taken me 5 years of tooth and nail to develop my retirement home, I promised myself never to live with relatives after so many disappointments, so 3 years ago, I decided to live with one of my cousins and a son of my neighbour whom I educated without any difficulty of school fee!

When results came, none of them wanted to share with me their results, they had failed terribly! Failure in education is not a failure in life! So I told them to wait for this year to pass so we could figure out what they could do with the Es and the Ds they got, so I left them to take care of my home!

They grew lazy and instead gave the employees hard time! Dictating them, claiming the wealth is from their sister! Some employees left, and the security guards were not allowed to utter a word (RELATIVES) So they didn’t allow the employees to perform their duties or report to me any challenges! Every morning I called his phone was never answered neither did he call me back, sent several texts to know how my home is doing! Even asked for photos! All I heard was everything is fine!

The two of them sold my 30 chicken, extra beddings from the employees, vandalized all the electrical wires connecting the garden lights living the whole home in darkness! Went ahead and chop off the wires to the submissive pump! So imagine what is with the animals and garden! the pool went to zero and turned into a frog pond, My milk was rejected by Rongodairy because they divided the milk and added water on their way!

When I released my cousin, he told the watchman to tell us to check on the CCTV! Only to realise that the CCTV power cable was chopped off right inside my bedroom! He was the one with the house key and the only one accessing my bedroom! I remember in February I asked them to leave my home! Coz all the employees complained about them! But where do we take orphans too? I have a weak heart So I gave them a 2nd chance! Which has left me in pain! what would you do? 3rd chance??

We think she should kick them out! What do you think?

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