Why I Ended My 6-Year Relationship - Anerlisa

Why I Ended My 6-Year Relationship – Anerlisa

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Six years is a long time.

Anerlisa Muigai has been ruling the headlines recently due to her new relationship with Tanzanian singer Ben Pol. But sometime back she was in a very long relationship.

This was back when she had weight issues. By the way, do you think he was wrong to leave the man who stood by her when he was struggling with weight?

anerlisa muigai

Anerlisa’s relationships have been collapsing a lot recently but the six-year one remains the most memorable. She had even gotten engaged to the guy. Imagine that.

A fan on social media asked her why she walked away from her man, to which she responded by saying that she wasn’t happy with the direction the relationship took after proposal.

Here’s what she posted
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Source: Instagram stories

Let’s hope the one with Ben Pol lasts.

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