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5 Romantic Movies That Bae Won’t Hate

Can guys really like romantic movies?

This is never a fun conversation on movie night, so how can you convince the guy in your life to watch a romantic movie? The answer is fairly simple, disguise it in movies he’d actually dig watching.

1. Love and Basketball

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This is kind of a modern classic, a perfect blending of sports and romantic drama. The film is also noticeable as the guy isn’t the only athlete, the woman in the film is also hooping at a professional level.

2.High Fidelity

Yeah, admittedly, this is kind of a break up film in some ways, but romantic relationships aren’t exactly always smooth sailing. Great humor, an extremely game cast and a memorable soundtrack make High Fidelity stand out (and have many imitators since its release).

3.Forgetting Sarah Marshall

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A brutally hilarious film about trying to get back on your feet after heart break, this seems like it would be ‘by-the-numbers’ and predictable film. Instead its memorable, sweet, and will have you laughing until your ribs hurt (a particular nod goes to the scene where the guy is dumped while naked).

4.Purple Rain

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Prince. Made. Movies. This is his best one by far, a classic with (obviously) one of the best movie sound tracks humanly possible. At the films core is a romantic story that navigates the pitfalls of fame and chasing musical greatness. Also this is a good test, if he doesn’t like Prince, dump him immediately.

5. Jerry Maguire

Another great film (yes its from the 90s, but great films hold up) that merges sports and romance in a bizarre and memorable way. This one will definitely get you too talking after, as the plot dives into questionable marriage decisions, what love is and whether or not its OK to settle. It also has one of the most memorable endings of all time. If you haven’t seen it and aren’t familiar, wait to see all the famous quotable lines pop up.

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