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5 Fascinating Facts You Did Not Know About The Late Aretha Franklin

aretha franklin
Gone but never forgotten!

The death of the Queen of Soul the late Miss Aretha Franklin is a blow to all lovers of music as she was the pioneer of black women in the music industry.

After suffering from pancreatic cancer for a long time, she succumbed to it at the age of 76. The ailment had led her to cancel so many tours over the years under her doctor’s orders.

We choose not to be sad but instead celebrate Aretha’s lifetime achievements;

1. She performed at inaugurations of 3 American Presidents

Aretha performed ‘God Bless America’ at Jimmy Carter’s night before the inauguration party in 1977. She performed a 2-hour concert at Bill Clinton’s inauguration festivities. At Barack Obama’s inaugurations, she sang ‘My Country’, ‘Tis of Thee’ and ‘I Dreamed a Dream’.

2. She taught herself piano without knowing how to read music

Aretha was so talented she learned how to ‘Play the piano by ear‘. Moreover, her mother was a singer and pianist.

3. She was the first woman to be inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame

Her classic songs ‘Respect’ and ‘Chain of Fools’ made her the first woman ever to be inducted into the Rock and RollHall of fame.

4. She has won 20 different awards throughout her career

These include 18 Grammys, 1 Golden Globe award for ‘Never Gonna Break My Faith’ and in 2018 she was named the most popular female American artist in America by YouGov US Poll.

5. She sold 75 million records worldwide

She has released a total of 42 studio albums, having sold 75million records worldwide!

For now, we leave you with possibly her most famous song ‘Respect’ to get you through the weekend.

Aretha Franklin was definitely the Queen of Soul, and for the gift of music that she has bestowed upon us, we say thank you!

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