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4 Times Bahati Proved He Is The Diamond Platnumz Of Kenya

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Bahati’s story has inspired many.

His rags to riches narrative is one many can learn from and of course that God’s grace is sufficient and one’s life can transform from worse to better.

Bahati has managed to amass himself a mini-empire and recently launched his record label EMB records. With a reality show to boot, we can see several similarities between him and Diamond Platnumz. Check them out below:

1. Rags to Riches

Diamond calls himself the Boy from Tandale and his life growing up wasn’t as flowery as it is now. On the other hand, Bahati’s story is pretty much the same. Talk about starting from the bottom!

Bahati Diamond Platnumz

Source: Google

2. Baby mama drama

Both Bahati and Diamond have been in some form of baby mama drama over the years. The only difference is that Bahati decided to settle down early by marrying Diana to avoid an explosive life like Diamond.

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Source: Ghafla

3. Record label

Just like Diamond, Bahati is marking milestones in the gospel music industry through his record label EMB records. Through his label, he is nurturing young talented artists. We have all seen how Diamond has grown to launch Wasafi records and releasing some bomb music.

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Source: Instagram/Bahati Kenya

4. Reality show

Even though we are yet to see an episode of The Real Life Of Wasafi, we are sure we’ll stumble on it soon. In the meantime, Bahati has been entertaining us left, right and centre. We have been keeping up with Being Bahati and so far so good.

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Source: YouTube

It looks like, Bahati is our very own Diamond Platnumz in so many ways, the only difference is the genre of music.

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