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3 Ways Blue Band Came Through For Us In Boarding School

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Oh, the good old days!

Boarding school in Kenya is like a rite of passage for most students. Whenever one thinks of their boarding school experience a lot of struggle stories come to mind. However, these stories almost always have something to do with food.

We all know the horror stories about regular boarding school food, no flavour, weevils, soup enough to make a man-made dam but we cannot deny the fact that we found creative ways to make it palatable.

One of the things that came in handy was Blue band. Here are 3 ways it made boarding school bearable:

1. Githeri, spice and everything nice

Yes, we know, this picture might give you nightmares but we also know what a tablespoon of Blue Band would do for this meal.

Image result for blue band in githeri

Image source: Steemit

2. Dessert O’clock

If you didn’t mix Blue band with drinking chocolate and copious amounts of sugar then don’t talk to us about boarding school! This mixture was a perfect snack/dessert and got us through our toughest days in boarding school. Little did we know we also got a healthy dose of Omega 3 and 6 with every bite. And you thought Group of Schools kids who got fish in their regular diet were more privileged than you! Ok, fine, fish is delicious

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Source: Daily active

Business as usual

Image result for blue band margarine

Image source: Nutrition Point

Blueband was certainly a lucrative commodity and sometimes even viewed as contraband. However, having a container of this golden margarine was enough to open doors for you in high school. Most students used it as a mode of exchange during barter trade. An avocado for two scoops of Blue band, biscuits in exchange of Blue band, such transactions were very common.

That said, Blue Band is going further to make school children’s lives better. For every 500g of the limited edition Blue band you buy, they will give a needy child that much needed breakfast!

As much as Blueband practically raised us, it’s doing that much more for a whole new generation. And as we enjoy that same great taste,  we get to do a bit of good for other Kenyan children too.

There’s a whole range of recipes to try using Blue Band!