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3 Hilarious Sitcoms That Will Cure Your Holiday Hangover

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Television never seemed so good!

Sundays are very calm if not boring, if you haven’t met your friends for a casual chill session, have a bae to spend time with or are not a fan of football then you probably need something to keep your mind busy before the Monday blues start rolling in.

What a better way to spend the evening than with a lighthearted sitcom that will have you laughing your heart out in seconds?

We highly recommend the following sitcoms;

1. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.

Kimmy is a 29-year-old lady who was abducted by a crazy priest and harboured in a bunker underground for 15 years. She was rescued from the doomsday cult and lives with her crazy roommate Titus Andromedon. The show takes us through how she adjusts to her new life with her new friends in the most awkward and hilarious adventures ever!

2. New Girl.

Jess is a girl living in a house with 3 other single male roommates Nick, Schmidt and Winston who help her get over a rough breakup alongside her best friend Cece. This is a show that will inadvertently remind you of a modern-day “Friends”. All the characters have their own unique characteristics that you will find very relatable to you and your squad.


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3. Brooklyn 99.

Detective Jake Peralta is a very carefree cop who doesn’t follow the rules but has the best arrest record in Brooklyn’s 99th precinct. He works with a colourful bevvy of colleagues that will either annoy you or make you fall in love with the show. Brooklyn 99 is one of those shows that you will watch and rewatch over and over again just because of how hilarious it is.


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