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Zari Hassan In Her Curly Weaves Is Breaking The Interent! Come See

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Zari Hassan in this hairstyle is amazing!

Zari the boss lady is no stranger to us right? We all know her when it comes to the drama between her, Diamond and Hamisa; we live for the drama but this time we are gushing all over Zari’s hairstyle choices! We have noticed that the boss lady loves her some curls on them inches and we can’t get enough of her looks!

From brown curly units to deep black ones and blonde weaves she slays them all. Ladies you do not need to shy away from curly weaves, they make you look different and more matures, so get you a curly unit just like Zari!

4 curly weaves that we love on Zari:
1.  Zari looks drop-dead gorgeous in this curly unit don’t you think?

She looks sexy and grown and we love how this boss babe added that red lipstick to her look. Zari knows her stuff when it comes to long curly weaves and ladies get you a brown weave when you want to switch up your hairdo.

Source: Zari

2. Now, who doesn’t love a short curly weave?

Because Zari the boss lady loves her some short black curly weaves! She looks like she knows her stuff and when she walks into a room she walks with confidence. Short black curly weaves will make you look mature, and who wouldn’t want that? This is perfect for office hours and those serious boardroom meetings!

Source: Zari

4. We are dying over this black curly weave!

Do you see how amazing she looks? With her floral print maxi dress, she definitely looks like the boss lady that she is. Black curly weaves are great with bold print colours when it comes to lipstick shades and outfits. Get you a long black curly weave just like Zari’s when you want to look like a boss bade with flowing hair.

Source: Zari

5. Side part curly weaves add a bit of drama to your look.

Zari did the most with this golden brown side part curly wig and we can’t get over it! She matches her hair with a gorgeous strapless white and floral print gown, looking like the queen she is. This wig is perfect for ladies who want to experiment with colour in a safe way.

Source: Zari

Would you rock a curly weave? Let us know.

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