Ladies! Which Hairstyle Can You Say Diamond Likes On Zari? ( Vote ) – ZUMI

Ladies! Which Hairstyle Can You Say Diamond Likes On Zari? ( Vote )

Zari hassan
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Zari in a short wig? This is shocking!

Well, Zari is clearly the queen when it comes to switching up her wigs rights? She has them long, short, bob cut with bangs you name it! She knows which wigs suit her face shape. What I love about Zari is that she isn’t scared to try new hairstyles and our Kenyan socialites need to gets some serious hair tips from her. With that said, you need to vote below on your favourite hairstyle that Zari got on!

Between These Two Wigs Which One Looks Better On Zari?
1. Short & Cute Pixie Cuts.

Well hello there Zari! This hairstyle says that you clearly are the boss lady. She has on a cute short pixie cut with blonde highlights. She just looks like you are not to mess with her right?

zari with a short wig

Source: Instagram

2. The Long Wavy Wig.

How gorgeous is this wig? It’s ombre in nature with black and brown towards the tips. I personally think that this hairstyle suits her face perfectly. What do you think?

zari with a long wig

Source: Instagram

Zumi ladies which hairstyle can you say suits Zari the best? Vote below.

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