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Where To Get A Foundation That Is Actually Good For Your Skin

Clinique Even Better Foundation
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Why do we always think of using foundation to cover up blemishes, dark spots, or acne? If we’re going to put something on our face everyday, shouldn’t it also be protecting, healing and cleansing our precious skin?

It seems so obvious, but this is the philosophy behind a new foundation that’s been made available in Kenya. It’s called Even Better Foundation, and it’s made by Clinique, a brand dedicated to a safe skincare. We learned that the Even Better Foundation is really more of a skincare product than anything else. How is that? It has three types for depending on your skin’s needs:

1. Even Better™ Makeup Broad Spectrum SPF15

This SPF foundation corrects the skin tone. It’s really good for those with acne because it actively improves your skin whenever you wear it. It is creamy and hydrating on the skin so it gives a smooth, natural finish.

2. Even Better Glow™ Light Reflecting Makeup

This Glow foundation does it exactly what it says – it makes your skin glow! Whenever you wear this foundation, it goes to work improving your skin’s texture and radiance. It is lightweight, and gives your face a luminous look.

3. Even Better Refresh™ Hydrating & Repairing Makeup

The Refresh foundation is for those of us who have skin that really needs some help. This foundation has 24-hour hydration and a natural finish. Because it is full coverage, it creates a virtually poreless look of smooth skin.

For anyone who feels like their skin just isn’t at 100%, Clinique Even Better Foundation is worth a try. The best part is that it’s easy to access. You can walk into any of their locations and get a consultation and color match from one of the Clinique specialists. See what’s closest to you:

  • Junction Mall, Ngong Road. Linton’s Beauty World shop on the ground floor.
  • Garden City Mall, Thika Road. Clinique Store on the 1st floor.
  • Village Market, Limuru Road. Linton’s Beauty World on the 1st floor.

Healthy skin is happy skin.