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Check Out These 3 Flattering Weave Hairstyles For Square-Shaped Faces

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The perfect hairstyles just for you!

You’ve finally figured out that you have a square face shape and want to soften the angles to give your face a smoother appearance and overall narrower shape. But, you are not sure what styles will work for you. No worries, we’ve got you covered.

Here are 3 best weaves for square-shaped faces:
1. Big Curly Hair.

Your face shape affords you the ability to rock big hair unashamdely! Whether you’re going for a natural afro or a funky weave, big hair comes in various forms and has no limits. If you want a fun and carefree look, grab an afro comb and start fluffing because any big hairstyle will have you feeling yourself!

Square shaped face

Source: Instagram

2. Side Part.

This style is elegant and fabulous for special occasions and your everyday life. The side part will give your face the soft angles with ease. From bone straight, wavy, or kinky, there are many styles that you can wear. Add color to give your look more flare!

Square Face

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3. Long & Layered.

Your face shape is perfect for styles that require longer lengths of hair. Longer hair gives you more flexibility and allows you to switch up your look effortlessly. Add even more dazzle by trying highlights, ombre, or wavy curls.

Square face

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Now that you have an idea of styles that best fit you, pick your favorite, book a stylist, and SLAYYY! Which look will you be rocking?

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