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It’s Bikini Season! Here Are 4 Secret Tips To Curb The Waxing Agony

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Waxing? Ouch!

We all think of waxing and the immediate thought that comes to mind is the agony of it. But waxing is quite crucial and it comes in handy before going on a vacation because you need to strut your bikini or preparing for a sexy date night. We know many ladies are horrified when it comes to waxing. Not to worry, we have the best tips for you.

Here Are Afew Steps To Make Waxing Bearable:
1. Grow Your Hair.

You need to grow out some hair for about 2-3 weeks so the wax can hold. You won’t be in that much agony girl. Trust us.

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2. Don’t Wax When Your Ovulating.

You should also consider making an appointment when you are not on your period because the skin is more sensitive, and the process will be painful.


3. Take Painkillers Girl.

Waxing is not the most fun thing to do and you can actually minimize your pain by taking painkillers before.


Your skin will be sensitive after undergoing a wax and there are few things you should avoid. Scrubbing your skin or applying any products that have acids for at least a day are a no no!

Here are a few reasons you should endure the waxing struggle over other hair removal methods:
  1. It lasts longer than shaving because it pulls the hair from the roots.
  2. It doesn’t leave you with cuts that may come from shaving, so no marks or scars on your body.
  3. Waxing makes the hair grow slower and it is much finer.
  4. Waxing produces smoother results because it pulls hair from the root, so you won’t have any rashes afterwards.
  5. Waxing will make your skin feel smoother longer without feeling itchy, because of slower hair regrowth.

Waxing can be painful, but we think it’s totally worth it, don’t you?