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Say Goodbye To Veet & Shavers For An Easy Homemade Sugar Wax

Sugar Wax
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Sugar Wax is something to try out this weekend.

Finding the right shaving technique is hard! Some of us have tried razors and hair removal creams that only leave our skin darkened and increase the risk of bumps due to ingrown hairs. They are also very uncomfortable to use because of the irritation they leave. Waxing has become a good option because it softens the hair on the skin, making hair removal easier after every appointment. Waxing also ensures that the hair does not grow to a long length sooner than 3 weeks.

The biggest issue with waxing in Kenya is that the prices are too high and many of us are still very uncomfortable with the idea of a bikini wax. This is the reason why the DIY sugar wax has become very popular. The ingredients needed are lemon juice, sugar, and water.

Sugar wax mixture is put to boil as seen in the video.

Then the mixture is against the hair growth direction.

Would you wax yourself at home? Here are the DIY hacks for flawless skin.

Featured Image Source: Omabelle