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Must Try! These Are The 4 Top Trending Hairstyles Of October.

Lyra Aoko
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These are the current hairstyles that we have been crushing on.

Hair is always an important aspect of a girl’s life, were always changing and keeping up to date with the latest trends lucky for you, October is here and we’re giving you an update of what you can do to your hair. A hot new look

Here are our top 5 trending  hairstyles:
1. Black long faux locks

Madusa rocks this beautiful long black faux locks which look very similar to dreadlocks. This dreadlocks are very easy to maintain and accessorize with thread or gold or silver beads.

Madusa Karma

Source: Instagram

2.  Bantu Knots

A brilliant photographer in non-other than Bantu knots beautified and accessorized with gold and brown beads. Yes neatly done Bantu knots are a thing now. It is a very traditional and modern look. It is not for everyone or neither is it a daily look.

Lyra Aoko

Source: Instagram

3. Black Long Braids

Sharon Mundia in long-cheerful black braids. This braids come in a variety of color and can be accessorized with kid’s beads or gold and silver beads. This is a very fun look.

Sharon Mundia

Source: Instagram

4. Cornrows

Cornrows, back and better. This is a hairstyle that does not take long to do,lasts for about 2 weeks, good for the weather changes,affordable and perfect for vacations.

Miss Mandi

Source: Instagram

Braiding can be exhausting but if you want to take a break the next article shows you how to.

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